Industry Links

Below are useful links which may be of use to you inconjunction with the CON29DW Drainage & Water Enquiry and the property search industry.

Water UK
Information on CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry from the ten water companies of England and Wales.

Severn Trent Searches
Severn Trent Searches is part of Severn Trent Retail and Utility Services Ltd, a company of Severn Trent Plc. One of the leading providers of conveyancing searches and the official CON29DW drainage and water enquiry in the Midlands.

Anglian Water, Trading as Geodesys
Geodesys provides drainage and water searches for residential and commercial properties in the Anglian Water region and other conveyancing searches for properties throughout England and Wales.

Thames Water Property Insight
Thames Water, which covers London and the Thames Valley, already plays a key part in the conveyancing market, as the official provider of the CON29DW drainage and water search data across the region.

Yorkshire Water, Trading as Safe-Move
Safe-move provide drainage and water searches for conveyancing purposes, and produce around 90,000 searches per year through a team of expert advisors.

Northumbrian Water Property Solutions
Property Solutions holds a unique position within the market place through its owner, a high profile, blue chip organisation, namely Northumbrian Water (NW). Property Solutions provide property searches.

South West Water Conveyancing Services
Providing a professional service for business customers offering conveyancing searches for residential and commercial properties throughout Cornwall and Devon and in small areas of Dorset and Somerset.

Southern Water Land Search Team
Southern Water holds detailed information regarding drainage and water supply information for commercial and residential properties across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

United Utilities Property Searches
The property searches available are water, wastewater and electricity service maps

Wessex Water Searches Team
Searches is the only source of official data for drainage and water services covering the south west of England, including Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire.

Dwr Cymru Cyfyngedig (Welsh Water), Trading as Welsh Water Searches
Welsh Water NDC provide the CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry showing drainage and water services to all residential properties across Wales.

HM Revenue & Customs
HM Revenue & Customs looks at tax, payment of tax and entitlement of benefits. This link goes to the Inland Revenue's Disadvantaged Areas postcode search tool, to find out if the area qualifies for Stamp Duty relief.

Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI)
OPSI provides a wide range of services to the public, information industry, government and the wider public sector relating to finding, using, sharing and trading information. The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000 can be found on the website:

Ofwat (The Water Services Regulation Authority) is the economic regulator of the water and sewerage sectors in England and Wales. They make sure that the water companies provide household and business customers with a good quality service and value for money.

Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO)
CoPSO is the major trade association for the property search industry. Members include water companies, environmental search providers, organisations offering local searches and the NLIS channels.

Land Data
The UK's leading provider of electronic land and property information. Land Data provides electronic access to official sources of land and property information, across the whole of England and Wales, via a hub and a number of electronically accessible channels.

Communities & Local Government (CLG)
Communities and Local Government's vision is of prosperous and cohesive communities, offering a safe, healthy and sustainable environment for all.

The Law Society
Comprehensive advice and information for homebuyers and industry insiders, including a ‘Find a solicitor’s facility.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
News, advice and information for chartered surveyors on the construction, developments and architectural industry.

Consumer Council for Water
The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) represents water and sewerage consumers in England and Wales. Our job is to make sure that the consumers’ collective voice is heard in national water debate and that consumers remain at the heart of the water industry.

Land Registry
The Land Registry register title to land in England and Wales and record dealings (for example, sales and mortgages) with registered land. They provide information on land registry acts, publications and practice guides.

The Coal Authority
Information on Coal Mining Reports, the interpretation of these reports and Risk Assessments.

Conveyancing Liability Solutions Ltd (CLS)
Conveyancing Liability Solutions (CLS) is the market leading e-conveyancing company, specialising in legal indemnity and defective title insurance products. protecting against Chancel Repair Liability with ChancelCheck® and market leading chancel repair indemnity insurance with ChancelSure®.

Landmark Information Group
Landmark is Britain's leading supplier of land and property search information. Providing digital mapping, planning and environmental risk information, Landmark also delivers comprehensive geographic solutions.

GroundSure is a leading geo-spatial environmental property intelligence company providing services to the legal, financial, real estate and corporate sectors. GroundSure deliver robust and comprehensive environmental, geological and flood risk data solutions.